Vol. 10 No. 3 (2018): EIS impact in Digital Entrepreneurship

Digital Entrepreneurship can be classified as embracing “new ventures and the alteration of existing business by creating and using novel digital technologies. Digital Enterprises are characterized by an elevated potency of utilisation of new digital technologies (chiefly societal, movable, analytics and cloud solutions) to step forward business operations, formulate new-fangled (digital) business models, pulverize business aptitude, and tie with customers and stakeholders through new (digital) channels”. Digital entrepreneurship is an appearance that describes how entrepreneurship will revolutionize, as business and society lengthen to be transformed by digital technology. Digital entrepreneurship highlights changes in entrepreneurial practice, theory, and education. Beyond learning new sensible skills, digital entrepreneurship is also about new ways of thinking about entrepreneurship itself—which is another way of saying it offers new theories of entrepreneurship. Digital entrepreneurship opens up new questions about policy, circumstance, and jeopardy. Does the most admirable data win? How can I legerdemain a business thought that can be prototyped digitally? How can I step forward my business idea faster than anyone as fighting fit? How can I without complicatedness fastening between different business ideas, and revenue sources? What does it indicate to be an universal business from the first day? And why do community from around the world stay behind trying to smash into my trade?

Published: 2019-12-17

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