Vol. 9 No. 2 (2017): EIS Level the Corporate/Academia Spread and Bridge the Gap with Changing Time

We live to tell the tale in paradigm shifting time in all areas of industry including all the service sectors that change is a buzzword. Old-fashioned sectors are struggling for supremacy, recklessly clinching to old paradigms of order that are becoming step by step more irrelevant in a world that is now erratic and jerky on a daily basis. We recognize that all the changes are motivated by knowhow and technology driven and it is in society’s approachability to grapple technology and to shapes the future of our jurisdiction in such a manner that it not only engenders prominence of life for citizens but facilitate in creating occasion all the way through job formation. Those who had not altered themselves, it is the moment which had forced them to acclimatize alteration either eagerly or reluctantly. Certain questions which need to be tackled out-of-box, vis-a-vis the burgeoning phenomenon: Why self-driving cars is not about technological achievability, but societal impacts and industrial revolution? How complicated will it be for the cab drivers and truckers who’ll lose their jobs to locate another way of making a living? How will the industry change if we break off view about cars as things we possess constantly but only utilize 5% of the time, and initiate seeing them as an on-demand service? How much can we trim down mishap, toxic waste and jamming on the road?

Published: 2019-12-16

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