Vol. 11 No. 4 (2019): algorithm Used in a Hybrid Age to bring paradigm shift: across all segments and verticals to create an edge

When your business rival introduces or launch any innovation, the only common-sense from our side is to reveal one just like it, intention is very clear to get a niche. Hybrid age is all about cutting edge and advent of blended technology taking past as a base. The rationale behind writing a note on behalf of an editor bench on this meticulous subject matter “Algorithm Used in a Hybrid Age to bring paradigm shift: Across all segments and verticals to create an edge” is well designed and premeditated for this fastidious issue (Volume-11 No.-4 Oct-Dec 2019) due to the advent of technology in all the phases. In entireness we had acknowledged eight articles in various capacities with blended tactics and parade. The earliest and major articles categorization is Empirical Research paper written by Sonakshi Jaiswal, Namratha Sharma and K. Ashwini entitled “Food War: It’s Effect on Gen Y and Z”. The second nomenclature is a Case Study Based Papers in which we had four papers in total which are versatile in nature such as , “Thresholding Algorithms for Image Segmentation - Entropy Based Comparison” (Sudhansh Sharma and Bhavya Sharma), “Impact of US on Chinese and Indian Stock Markets Post Asian Financial Crisis”- (Parul Bhatia), “Optimization of Communication Network Based on Supply Chain Management Model”- (I S Ghuman, Vishal Nagpal & Anurag Saxena and finally “RRBs In India: Strategies for Sustainable Development”- (Namita Rajput and Nandini Marwah). The third nomenclature is Research Thought “Confronting the Virtual Sea of Fake Medicines on the Web: The Battle Continues”- (Peggy E. Chaudhry) and finally the last nomenclature View point “Divers Principles, Algorithm & An Approach To Data Mining: A Comparative View”- (Sachin kumar & Prerita Talwar) and “Blockchain Revolutionizing Industry 4.0 (Decentralize Technology for Industries Automation)”- (Nitin Garg and Nidhi Garg). We had also created some more innovative thoughts in this particular issue which is an insurgency and conception of editorial office such as Book Review, Award, and Biographical note of a Luminary in an area. We had also used some more filler which can categorically work as teasers.

Published: 2020-02-29