The Era of Social Media Influencers: A Bibliometric Review

  • Shailza SOMS, IGNOU, Delhi, Assistant Professor, Don Bosco Institute of Technology, GGSIPU, Delhi
  • Madhulika P. Sarkar Professor, SOMS, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Delhi
Keywords: Bibliometric Review | VOSviewer | Influencer Marketing | Social Media Influencers


Purpose: Social media influencers have gained significance and popularity in last few years. The study aims to explore the current state of research into Social Media Influencers.

Design/Methodology/Approach: This study uses the bibliometric review using VOSviewer to analyse the data retrieved from scopus database. Co-citation analysis, Bibliographic coupling, co-occurrence analysis and co-authorship analysis are performed.

Findings: The study found that US and UK are most productive countries. International Journal of Advertising is the most prominent journal. Hudders L. is the most impactful as well as most productive author. Six clusters were found using bibliographic coupling. Thematic trends using keywords Co-occurrence and Co-authorship among authors is also discussed.

Originality/Value: This analysis provided a basis for conceptualizing publications on Influencer marketing. Business firms can engage with social media influencers for promoting their brand and products.

Paper Type: Review of Literature.

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