A Bibliometric Analysis: Minimalism Only Gateway to Achieve Sustainability and Happiness

  • Kalpana Kataria Associate Professor, Department of Commerce, Bharati College, Delhi University, New Delhi
  • Harikishni Nain Professor, Department of Commerce, Bharati College, University of Delhi, New Delhi
  • Anil Kumar Professor, Department of Commerce, Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University, New Delhi
Keywords: Bibliometric Analysis | Citation Analysis | Consumerism | Happiness | Minimalism | Sustainability


Purpose: The objective of the study is to portray the bibliometric analysis of the research conducted relationship among minimalism, sustainability and happiness in context of consumption of clothing on rent in Indian weddings. The goal of this study was to comprehend the nature, development, obstacles and future directions of research. The consumer behaviour towards sustainability and happiness through minimalism is required as resources are limited and to protect the environment.

Design/Methodology/Approach: Research articles published on minimalism and sustainability and happiness and consumers’ perspective toward them were analysed by using the Bibliometric and Vos-viewer software. For the study, data have been compiled from the Scopus database published between 2016 and 2023.

Findings: According to the systematic literature, conducted through bibliometric analysis, minimalism has a direct impact on “sustainability”, “financial wellbeing” and “spirituality”. But minimalism may not directly contribute to happiness, it can indirectly influence happiness through experiential consumption and life satisfaction happiness.

Originality/Value: The present study contributes to the existing literature by providing innovative dimensions. This concept would attract the attention of researchers and policy makers as there is highly ignorance on the concept of minimalism as the only way to attain sustainability and happiness, especially in the context of wedding attires in India. Therefore, the present study proposed a conceptual model that will significantly contribute to the understanding of the concept of minimalism, sustainability and happiness with reference to using clothes on rent.

Paper Type: Review of Literature.

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