Women Entrepreneurship Research: An Exploratory Study of the Emerging Evidences with Special Reference to India

Keywords: Entrepreneurship | Women Entrepreneurs | Women Entrepreneurship Research | Indian Entrepreneurs | Gendered Scholarship | Women Empowerment


Purpose: The examination is taken up as an endeavor to break down the exploration and research done on women participation
in entrepreneurial activities. The focal point of this paper is to direct a basic examination into these investigations to discover
the gaps and give extension to future research. This paper intends to basically break down the research methodology employed,
theoretical paradigms incorporated and research tools utilized in these investigations.
Design/Methodology/Approach: E-Databases such as Google scholar and Scopus among others, were used as the source of
literature for this paper. Furthermore, the database of a few libraries was also searched to find relevant literature on research
into women entrepreneurship phenomenon worldwide. Comparative methods were employed.
Findings: Women entrepreneurship has seen an enormous boost as women have begun effectively participating in modern
enterprising practices, along these lines reaching the unattainable ranks and aiding to build the nation’s economy. Be that
as it may, the investigation into these women business owners appears to have kept to a select few countries. There are vast
differences between research conducted on women entrepreneurship in the western and eastern contexts. Examination into
women partaking in contemporary businesses is by all accounts missing in the eastern nations. Furthermore, these studies show
a monotonous approach in their methodology and theoretical underpinnings.
Originality/Value: The ramifications of the examination involve providing a guide to additional research in the space of
women entrepreneurship

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