Online Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Apparel Purchase: A Review of Extant Literature

Keywords: Apparel Attributes | Consumer Attitudes | Subjective Norms | Perceived Behavioral | Perceived Ease Of Use | Perceived Usefulness | Purchase Intention | Technological Variables


Purpose: The purpose of the study is to investigate the antecedents of loyalty and customer satisfaction in online apparel
purchase. Present study also aims to find a holistic structure by independently and individually putting together the relevant
constructs from previous studies related to online apparel satisfaction and loyalty.
Design/Methodology/Approach: Review based Approach has been followed. A total of 166 research papers related to the
study were accessed and only 74 papers were found to be relevant. Online customer satisfaction & loyalty are the two most
significant facets of online apparel purchase contributing to e-commerce and e- marketing field. A logical literature review is
carried out to compile the domain specific appropriate constructs, together with the generic facets of customer satisfaction and
loyalty and by investigating the antecedent factors like apparel attributes: technological variables, attitude, subjective norms,
perceived behavioral control factors, purchase intention, and actual purchase.
Findings: The review of existing literature also suggests that statistical techniques mostly used for analysis included Structural
Equation Modeling and Regression Analysis.
Originality/Value: The present study basically focuses on review of literature related to online customer satisfaction and
customer loyalty in buying apparels.

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