Analysing Shape Up Framework for Product Management in Modern Day Tech Startups

  • Laxmi Ahuja AIIT, Amity University, Noida
  • Rajbala Simon AIIT, Amity University, Noida
  • S. K. Sugan Amity University, Noida
  • Munawar Alam Enterprise Development at Fidelity International
Keywords: Product Development | Execution Focused Approach | Prioritization | Scoping


Purpose: Product development is typically done using an execution focused approach along with regular prioritisation and iterating based on user feedback, but execution is everything as lots of tasks can be done quickly with focus on quality. This paper presents an analysis of the Shape Up framework for product management in modern[1]day tech startups. This framework offers an interesting approach for managing product development with the focus on majorly prioritizing and scoping projects. The paper initially introduces us to the Shape Up framework and its important principles. All together this paper provides valuable information and instructions for the product managers seeking efficient and effective product development approach.

Design/Approach/Methodology: Analyse the Shape Up system for product management in high-tech startups using data collection, case studies, benchmarking, and feedback evaluation.

Findings: The Shape Up framework provides an efficient way to manage product development in high-tech startups by prioritizing and scoping projects to maximize efficiency and quality.

Originality/Value: This paper helps to understand and analyse the general structure of the product management system of modern technology startups. Learn how the Shape Up framework can help tech startups achieve greater efficiency and focus by implementing a structured and defined approach to product development. Explore how the Shape Up framework helps tech startups manage product development risks. Discuss how the concept of “building” can help identify potential gaps early so that teams can address them before significant resources are invested.

Paper Type: Case Based Study.

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Ahuja, L., Simon, R., Sugan, S. K., & Alam, M. (2023). Analysing Shape Up Framework for Product Management in Modern Day Tech Startups. Global Journal of Enterprise Information System, 15(2), 25-30. Retrieved from
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