Review of Web Based Library Services

  • Anita Chaudhary G L Bajaj Institute of management, Greater Noida
  • Neeti Arora G L Bajaj Institute of management, Greater Noida
  • Aniket Singh G L Bajaj Institute of management, Greater Noida
Keywords: WWW | Web Based Library Services | Digital Library Services | Web OPAC | Web Casting | Librarians


Purpose: The Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) has revolutionized the ways in which information is stored and shared. Web-based library services are examined in this study, their necessity and their benefits also examined the advantages of web-based library services, which are becoming more prevalent as libraries transition to digital environments. It further illustrated the appeal of these services to users and highlighted the different web-based resources available.

Design/Methodology/Approach: The suggested study will be descriptive. The information was gathered from multiple libraries. A standardized questionnaire was individually distributed to librarians as part of a survey. The responses to the 14 questions are presented as tables and a straightforward percentage analysis is used to examine them.

Findings: This study pinpointed particular ways that the internet aids academic libraries in developing cutting-edge and imaginative web-based library services. It is critical to build dynamic library websites with relevant Web 2.0-based services, including web forms in each web-based library service, and to make use of semantic technologies, theories and provide content with multilingual support, to name a few key developments and improvements. This study demonstrates that many of the libraries have not yet fully utilized online. In reality, by observing what other libraries have done, librarians can come up with new concepts and learn how to create and implement these web-based library services.

Originality/Value: The study’s geographical scope was limited to 15 libraries in India. This review shows how Web 2.0 technologies enhance library services in its holistic conceptualization and how academic libraries are moving into a more robust, inclusive and adaptable phase in their service values and innovation.

Paper Type: Theme Based Paper

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