Performing Arts and Social Work: Initiating Creative Amalgamations

  • Vidushi Srivastava UGC Junior Research Fellow, School of Social Work, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
  • Sayantani Guin Assistant Professor, School of Social Work, Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
Keywords: Dance | Music | Paintings | Performing Arts | Social Work


Purpose: A multitude of events and experiences define man as a social being. Everyday
experiences, technology, audio-visual media, colours, music, and our surroundings
continuously affect our mental health. We use several forms of entertainment to relax during
a hectic schedule. These forms of entertainment belong to the category of arts. There is
immense scope for performing arts to be used as an effective strategy for social work. It
has become necessary for social work professionals to be multifaceted in practical as well
as educational endeavours. Social work is an evolving profession, and requires adaption
of new and innovative techniques and strategies assisting individuals with existing and
newly emerging set of crises, that hamper their social functioning. A multifaceted approach
requires exhaustive research and creative mergers to cater the entire length of issues that
disrupt social functioning. Performing Arts is a way of life for some, recreation for others
and entertainment for all. Only a comprehensive analysis of different dimensions will
help understand the whole picture. This article explains the importance of using role play,
drama, theatre, dance, music, poetry and films in social work. The paper discusses the role
of performing arts in social work practice and in strengthening individuals, groups and
communities in better social functioning.
Methodology/Approach: Secondary data in the form of journal articles, books, and videos
aids are used. Personal interview through questionnaire, and telephonic conversation are
also a part of this paper to analyse the use and importance of performing arts with social
work. The approach of the paper is exploratory in nature aiming towards finding new facets
for enhancing the scope of social work practice.
Findings: Different examples of various facets of performing arts depict that such a
methodology is helpful for the client at individual, group and community level and it also
helps social workers in sharpening their skill set. Role play acts as an important technique
to strengthen counselling among social work students whereas dance movement therapy
acts as a non-verbal cue to unexpressed emotions and on the other hand music is a blend
powerful enough to evoke feelings as well as subside them. Art making therapy sessions
give a colourful, playful and secure environment resulting in positive outcomes with a good
mental health.
Paper Type: Academic

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