Framework and Techniques for Managing Technical Debt in Software Development Lifecycle

  • Sameer S Paradkar Enterprise Architect, Architecture Group, Business & Platforms Solutions, Global Delivery Centre - India
Keywords: Technical Debt | Code Analyzers | Frameworks | KPI | Metrices


Purpose: Technical Debt and the subsequent problems are discussed often in industry and
scientic journals. In this paper, we introduce a framework for managing technical Debt. The
solution consists of methods to manage and repay technical debt. The goal of the framework
is to provide a better overview of the Technical Debt items for the IT Development team
and SMEs. Technical Debt calculation is the cost of fixing structural quality issues in an
application that, if left unfixed, puts the business at critical risk. Technical Debt typically
includes issues that are highly likely to cause severe business disruption; and may not
include all problems, just the most critically serious ones.Technical Debt describe problems
that ariseduring development when workarounds aremade due to tight project deadlines or
technical improvements are neglected over a longer time. In atechnical metaphor to financial
debt, the workaroundis interpreted as the debt and the resulting problemsas interest rates.
Additionally, the paper also catagorizes Technical Debtand provides a view on the metrics
and tools

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