Strategy for writing Plagiarism free Research Paper

Keywords: Plagiarism | Researcher Cheats | Paper Swappers | Strategies


Purpose: The plagiarism in India is still at infancy stage. Plagiarism in research paper may take many forms like accessing paper
without permission, Paper swapping, shared paper, lack of education and awareness, citing source error, wrong Plagiarism
detector. This paper is about plagiarism, that how researcher can keep themselves protected form not being plagiarized.
Design/ Methodology/ Approach: Some strategies are discussed in the paper so that students and researcher can be benefited.
By understanding some of the reasons students are tempted to cheat on papers, you can take steps to prevent cheating by
attacking the causes
Findings: Paper is useful to all the researcher who are publishing their research work and how they care be protected from
being plagiarized.

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D K Dhusia, & Subodh Kesharwani. (2019). Strategy for writing Plagiarism free Research Paper. Global Journal of Enterprise Information System, 11(2), 90-96. Retrieved from
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