A Novel Approach for Video Encryption Based on FRFT-DWT with Shifting Wavelets

Keywords: Video Encryption | FRFT | DWT


Purpose: Due to increase in speed and use of internet, data becoming more and more insecure. In such case, if you are sharing
your useful data over internet, meansinviting data insecurity. One important data is video which can be personal or criminal
evidence. Sharing is a video is common nowadays but one issue is, how one can share its personal video to friends or trustworthy
person over the internet. Although,there are many encryption techniques available but they are usually suitable for textual data.
Traditional encryption is not good for video which is such large multidimensional data, hence such method computationally
inefficient. Therefore, we present a novel encryption technique for video encryption based on FRFT-DWT, which can encrypt
the video in such way information cannot be detected by human eye. Also, computational retrieving information through
program is impossible without knowing key.
Design/Methodology Approach: The study has conducted an experiment based on FRFT-DWT, to develop a new video
encryption to make tampering to it almost impossible
Originality/Value: The study has made a comprehensive literature review as the base and the results are supported by proper
Findings: The study has concluded that FRFT-DWT with shift can be good option for video encryption since it uses the
fractional order and shift as key and decrypting the image without knowing method and exact value fractions are impossible.

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, S. S. (2019). A Novel Approach for Video Encryption Based on FRFT-DWT with Shifting Wavelets. Global Journal of Enterprise Information System, 11(2), 22-28. Retrieved from https://gjeis.com/index.php/GJEIS/article/view/24
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